Ward III Issues

Your Ideas & Concerns

Election canvassing is a two-way street - an exchange of ideas to help improve our neighbourhoods and city.

As I go from doorstep to doorstep, I ask for your ideas and concerns. Much of what I learn eventually reaches the council table and staff work plans.  Here's some of what you've suggested for the coming 4-year term of City Council. In no particular order.

Park Road Forestry

 In response to a number of inquiries, we've met with neighbouring homeowners to discuss options regarding concerns about the city trees abutting their properties. We will be applying solutions on a house by house approach and hope to be underway quite soon. 

Pedestrian Crossing - Greenfield Road/Ashgrove Ave to Park Road

 In response to a neighbour's suggestion, a number of years a go we built a sidewalk connection here. The connection has proven to be very well used - but also very dangerous. Again, in response to a neighbour's suggestion,  Councillor Martin & I won approval at council to have staff proceed to make recommendations for improvements.

Vehicle Speed & Noise

The number one concern which we hear from neighbours relates to vehicle speed & noise. In the coming term we will explore options which to allow municipal employees to manage these two fields of enforcement. At present , our overburdened police service cannot consider these a top priority.

Bylaw Enforcement

We will continue to strengthen our bylaws  to learn from the lessons learned during this term. We'll better be able to enforce activities like outdoor hoarding, reckless wildlife attraction and other activities which don't belong in our neighbourhoods.


Drugs plague our neighbourhoods. Drugs and poverty are the prime drivers of criminal activity. We will continue to attack these 2 roots of criminal activity.


A very divisive issue in Brantford! Opinion seems evenly split among those opposed and those who consider legalization long overdue.

Regardless, what we can all agree on is that it poses significant problems for law & blyaw enforcement.

Splash Pad

The grade five class at Cedarland School has suggested that we build a splashpad. We'll have a look at his during the next term. They'd also like some walls! (Open concept design makes for very noisy & distracted learning) Are you listening GEDSB?

Tree Maintenance

The emerald ash-borer killed a lot of trees these past few years. We still see the result on our streets - stumps and rough bits of boulevard. I think we can do far better. We'll be considering bringing tree maintenance in-house to give far greater control over productivity, quality and value.

Caution Signage - North Park Street

Neighbours have suggested illuminated caution signage in the vicinity of Grandview School. Councillor Martin & I had this approved at the final meeting of this term.

Your Ideas

Please let me know if you have an idea or concern.